“Excellent & very useful to enhance your skills of presentation.” 

Awang Mu’awaludin Bin Ahat, Engineer, SESCO


“I have researched on many dynamic presentation / classroom management content online. But none of them are as interesting & easy to understand as this training program. I’ll recommend more people joining this training.”

Kuan Sook Chiung, Lecturer, The One Academy


“Very informative, knowledge well shared, easy tips to remember and apply. “

Zulkifli Bin Nahar, Penolong Pengawai Tadbir, Jabatan Tanah dan Survei Sarawak


“A great course to improve my presentation skills.”

Mohd Haswandi Bin Ibrahim, Penolong Pengawai Tadbir, Jabatan Tanah dan Survei Sarawak


“This programme is very effective to build strong self-esteem so that I can be calm and can deliver speech very well in front of the audiences.”

Siti Nurhikmah Bt Abu Seman, Penolong Pengawai Tadbir, Jabatan Tanah dan Survei Sarawak

Wow, it is very good! I learned a lot about how to understand and work with Generation Y. Thank you, Mr. Jackson!

Easter Melebeh, Kementerian Pembangunan Sosial


This program is very beneficial and should be expanded to more than one day. Highly recommended for HR managers.

Diana Marbawi, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak


This program has opened me up to new ideas for the HR department in terms of recruitment, as well as developing towards a better organization and management.

Nadia Eledia Kenady, Ariva Gateway Kuching


The program benefits me especially in recruiting the correct person for my industry and how to retain them by giving them what to expect in the beginning when they come into this career.

Susan Lau Su Sing, ETIQA


A very good program for me to know more about Human Resource matters. The trainer has a lot of experience in the field. Will definitely attend more programs like this.

Hairol Saili, Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia

“Boost up my confidence to speak in public / presentation.”

Hazelyna Liza Chong, Delegate, Sarawak Bank Employees’ Union


“Transform myself to be a better leader.”

Zammari Bin Segar, BR Committee, Sarawak Bank Employees’ Union


“It is good to help people to grow up their mindset. I will introduce the programme to my other friends or colleague.”

Kong Siew Chiang, Delegate, Sarawak Bank Employees’ Union


“I was satisfied with the programme because facilitator was effective and knowledgeable.”

Amri Bin Amir, Delegate, Sarawak Bank Employees’ Union


“It Is a very good programme and it transformed from a very shy to a confident person.”

Agnes Tang You Keong, EXCO, Sarawak Bank Employees’ Union

“It’s an excellent program to attend & should be extended to the rest of SEB staff as a whole.”

Rupert Anak Joseph Tarum, SESCO


“Wake me up what I didn’t know that I was still my old self, during this 3 days I have a new thought that I have to have “A New Person” so that my vision can be achieved in the future. Thanks to Mastermind Training International Sdn Bhd.”

Wellington Albert, SESCO


“Interesting & a lot of surprises how the facilitator “open” our mind seeing new things.”

Vivi Bt Osman, SESCO


“It’s good, meaningful & powerful program.”

Mackie Ak Stephen, SESCO


“This is a very good programme to uplift oneself and even can help others to have a more meaningful life.”

Tan Hui Li, SESCO

“It is worth to spend our time to be in this programme.”

Lee Tai Chin, KAO (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Penang)


“Very powerful and useful training programme.”

Gan Poh Giah, KAO (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Penang)


“Learn to be more confident and ‘be water’ with customer so that I can get more sales.”

Goh Siew Ping, KAO (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (JB)


“I have learnt on how to sell our products well from this training. It also helped me to set bigger ‘target’.”

Kong Chooi Ling, KAO (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (JB)


“Learn the method that how to sell our product to our customers.”

Tee Fung Fung, KAO (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (JB)

Exposed what depth inside and slow boost out the negative thinking out from myself and I do feel good especially in relationship.

Petranilla Anak John Chundi ,University Malaysia Sarawak


Amazing. Yes, I want to attend any program under Mastermind to gain more knowledge, which is very valuable and can be applied in life and work, very relevant.

Norfarizan Johar, University Malaysia Sarawak


Change my mindset & challenge myself to do more new thing. Yes I want to attend anymore program by Mastermind Training because Im having a new knowledge.

Ruzilawati Poniti, University Malaysia Sarawak


Good and beneficial to those in need of transforming their lives to be organized and successful. Looking forward to attend other program in future.

Norlia Binti Ismail, University Malaysia Sarawak


Its a good & knowledgeable program. Especially for those who intend to make an transformation on their life & work.

Pauline Anak Patrick, University Malaysia Sarawak

“This programme trained me to acquire positive mindset, be sensitive to customers’ needs and selling skills.”

Audrey Leong Lee Yuen, Member Relation Manager, Sara Worldwide Vacations Berhad


“An exceptional program as it helps me to identify the customers’ behavior and the correct way to handle them.”

Bisil Anak Kanyong, Senior Credit Control Officer, Sara Worldwide Vacations Berhad


“It will help me a lot of customer service knowledge and skills. Now,I can apply it to my work and life.”

Naziatul Fateemah Bt Samsudin, Member Relation Officer, Sara Worldwide Vacations Berhad


“It’s a good way to expose new staff on dealing with different customer.”

Mohamed Shahril, Transeast Shipping Sdn Bhd


“Interesting, have fun, happy, many thing I’ve learned to be more good & better person.”

Nur Najihah Nina Abdullah, Transeast Shipping Sdn Bhd