You Are A Masterpiece Intensive Program


In this highly interactive and fun-learning ” YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE” Intensive Programme, Jackson Ng will share his insights and experiences,from brokenness to fullness as you discover this truth- YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE!


YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE” Intensive helps individuals to:

  • Identify their hidden talent & strength
  • Overcome all their life challenges,limiting beliefs and face brokenness with an empowering attitude and breakthrough strategies
  • Equip them with clarity of purpose and direction in life
  • Achieve new and breakthrough result at work and life
  • Grow from familiarity into mastery in their own discipline/industry

Expective Outcome 

  • Clear about how to use their talent,energy and time wisely
  • Able to solve problems in life creatively and innovatively
  • Able to stay focus in their profession and minimise all the distraction in life
  • Get breakthrough results in the area of health,finance,career,personal growth and wellbeing
  • Increase personal success become one of the best in the industry


  • Why you are a Masterpiece and how it affects your success in life?
  • How do you identify and overcome 6 types of brokenness in life?
  • The 7R concept in renewing your life?
  • The journey from familiarity to self-mastery
  • The 7 core values of masterpiece
  • Strategy to overcome challenges in 7 areas of life
  • The Universal laws of Success
  • Secrets to get breakthrough Result in life and business in less than one year
  • New goals New results in 2019 and beyond
  • How to turn your talent into money
  • How to accelerate your growth in your career or business
  • How to see growth in your everyday life instead of living in status quo