Our Success Stories


“This Programme was meaningful. I look forward to apply the techniques & knowledge that I have learned from Mr Jackson to progress further in my career.”

                                                                                                        Patrick Tan,Sales Advisor

“Jackson Ng has delivered beyond what I expected. I was very inspired and convinced to further my journey as a trainer & coach.”

Winston Chang,Business Coach

“Having to complete TTT programme is another platform for me becoming a trainer.. thank you our Trainer Jackson,he has expose me to another new experience as a trainer… Thank so much Master Trainer for a great experience.”

Iona Anne James

“The course has inspired and equipped me with the necessary skill to secure a job after my retirement. I admire Jackson for his passion in the training industry, which motivated me to pursue my own dream.”

Lim Soh Cheng

“It is a privilege to be trained personally by Jackson Ng. I salute the extra efforts and commitments by the team in Master Trainers to ensure participants are competent. There are follow up sessions where graduates get the opportunity to meet periodically with the trainers for coaching session. And we get support from other graduates from other groups as well. This is really a great ecosystem in my honest opinion. I am really grateful to have met everyone in this team especially from Group 29. And thanks to my senior Bravo Looi for giving me useful and beneficial advises after the Alumni get together session, I really appreciate it”.

Sharon Nurul Azlin Tham,Hotel Revenue Director

“Having the chance to be part of the awesome Group 16 TTT by Master Trainer Jackson Ng is an achievement unlocked for me. Awesome Trainer who passionately guide step by step on how why and what a Trainer is all about – 5 days intensive training doesn’t feel bored nor sleepy and I believe in one thing – that a Great Trainer know and able to create deliver and walk the talk and that is thanks to Mr Jackson Ng. Thank You. And for those who have yet to register, let’s enrol and be part of the awesome TTT by Master Trainers ya.”

Zahara Malim,Industrial Design Agent


“This programme is really helpful and I know I should do an extra 1% daily for my job and personal life.”

Noor Salmi Hussaini, Corporate Affairs

“It is a great program,I am more positive,I will throw away all the ‘Why me?’ question.I am more motivated. Thank you,Mr Jackson.”

Ar Noorol Selasiah,Jurutera Lectrik Of Kementerian Kemudahan Awan Sarawak)

“Saya telah mempelajari cara-cara untuk memperbaiki diri sendiri untuk mencapai ke tahap yang lebih baik.Program ini memberikan saya inspirasi untuk memcapai impian.”

Faizal B.Zainuddin,CCM Agriculture Sdn Bhd

“Program ini amat bagus untuk setiap peringkat pekerja sama ada pengurus atasan ataupun pekerja teknik.Program ini perlu diteruskan sehingga semua pekerja mendapat tip kemahiran motivasi supaya mereka tidak berasa rendah diri di tempat kerja dan tidak berasa takut apabila diberi tugas baru.”

Kosman Bin Sarmon,Supervisor of Miyazu (M) Sdn Bhd

“Overall the program was so awesome and  it gives me clearer view in order to change me”.

Hazelina Affendy,Human Resource Assistant of I-System College

“A must attend program for everyone and anyone.If given a chance,I would like to contribute as well in the future.”

Mohammad Sufian bin Mohidin,Best Solution Consultants


“The High Impact Business Presentation Skill Program provides avenue for me to practice without fear of making mistakes.It also provides me constructive feedback on my way of presentation.It is indeed a good program.It helps you to build your confidence and learn to let go the fear in you.”

Wan Norhasrina,Senior Executive Of Bank Negara Malaysia,Kuala Lumpur

“Very Effective!I have learned a lot of powerful tips & techniques.I definitely will be a good speaker after this seminar.I am now a good speaker!I’m looking forward to the next seminar.I want more!.”

Stefanie Nyarok,Managing Director-Golden Matrix

“The program was very good and interesting.I learned to speak with impact infront of the participants without fear.The skills and knowledge gained help me to increase my confident and to be a better speaker/presenter.Join this programme and I believe Jackson will transform you to be a good speaker,not only good but with IMPACT.”

Abdul Halim Edon-Executive-Training,Harwood Timber

“This program is very effective to build strong self esteem so that I can be calm and can deliver speech very well in front of the audiences.”

Siti Nurhikmah,Penolong Pengawai Tadbir,Jabatan Tanah dan Survei Sarawak

“I have researched on many dynamic presentation/classroom management content online.But none of them are as interesting & easy to understand as this training program.I’ll recommend more people joining this training.”

Kuan Sook Chiung,Lecturer,The One Academy


“This program is useful for everyone who wants to improve their confident level.I hope I can attend another programme by Mr Jackson Ng!”

Abdul Rani,Office Executive

“This is the programme that helped me achieve breakthrough over my bad habits and strengthened me to practice good habits instead.”

Ho Siat Lian,Nurse

“This training brought a lot of changes out of me.I have learned the effective ways to improve my own productivity.Thanks Jackson.”

Hasanani Haji Openg,Officer

“This program let me realise that I need to do an extra 1% if I want to be successful in my life.We should not be afraid to try something new in our life.”

Jacqueline Cynthia

It was a good training to know about our own weakness and strengths.It opened my mind with positive thoughts to become a better person.

Hasimah Kidli




“Interesting & a lot of surprises how the facilitator “open” our mind seeing new things.”

Vivi Bt Osman,SESCO

“I learnt about pwoerful self image and how to handle and manage difficult employee.Building trust with each other at work is important. This programme taught me to know people skills and how to handle people.”

Jacqueline Law-Account Executive-Inter-Continnental Travel Centre Sdn Bhd

“I will be more responsible in m profession and my company.This has motivated me to be successful in life and my career.”

Masri Bin Leni – Tour guide – CPH Travel

“Working together in a team is fun.I got to know my colleague better through this program.This training helps me to understand people and how to deal with them at work.”

Hannah Choo – Director of Sales- CPH Travel

“I learnt how to communicate more with my colleagues and be more patient with them.I can now know how to work inna team and be a better supervisor.

Chua Peng Hee,Supervisor- CPH Travel



“Thank you for training my team of 20 account managers.The training has certainly changed their outlook,approach and focus.The most beneficial is changing their mindset to have burning desire to achieve their goal of being a super salesperson.”

Tan Mei Lee,Sales Director,Star Rfm Sdn Bhd

“Some years ago, Jackson Ng did a sales workshop for my sales team.Few months later,my company turnover doubled.My sales team atittude changed to being very positive.”

James Chuo, Managing Director,Maruwamas Sdn Bhd

I enjoy to be trained by an instructor like Jackson Ng.It’s not boring and we get or learned a lot of ideas on how to convince our customers to stick on Vitahealth’s product.

Lee Nyuk Tchin,Product Advisor,Vitahealth

This is a very good and interesting programme.I highly recommend and encourage those who haven’t attended this programme.I am sure you will learn a lot of thingss which are very useful in your lifetime.

Lee Kwang Hee – Business Development Manager at Reprographic Business Machine,Kuching