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8 Reasons Why You Must Be A Certified Trainer?


If you have been working for some years and gain some expertise ,experience in your profession, perhaps you are one of the speakers the world is looking for.

Do you have a powerful message to share?

Do you like to give back to the community by sharing your ideas and experience?

If yes, We like to welcome you to be one of us.

8 Reasons Why You Must Be A Certified Trainer in Malaysia

1) YOU become more CREDIBLE. Once you are certified, your audience will see you as the right person to speak in your subject area

2) YOU are WELL ACCEPTED by the clients and audience.

3) YOU will be seen as a PROFESSIONAL TRAINER. Being a professional, you are expected to charge a fee for conducting a training programme. People will not expect you to do for FREE. YOU will quickly get back your investment in your next training paid by client.

4) YOU earn The RESPECT from the people you train. They know you were trained well before you become a professional Trainer.

5) YOU can have the opportunity to TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD and stay in the 5 star hotel paid by the client for sharing your ideas, solution, business model or even training content.

6) YOU will regarded as an EXPERT in your industry.

7) YOUR CLIENTS will able to CLAIM their training levi from Human Resource Development Council

8) When you write your book one day, it will add as one of the important CREDENTIALS to it.

Come and register with us. Together, Jackson Ng and Ong Ming See have 31 years combined of experience to guide you, train you, coach you and equip you to be certified trainer in Malaysia in only 5 days.

Watch out for our next intake in both Kuala Lumpur or Kuching, Sarawak.
Call Elizabeth Ng at 016-2156030 or [email protected] if you are keen to register.

More information on HRDF Train The Trainer Program – CLICK HERE :


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